A G M   T r o p h y   W i n n e r s . . .


Club Person of the Year              Kevin Keel


Best original GL1500                    David Dove


Best custom GL1500                    Kevin Keel


Best original GL1800                    Lewis Furner


Best custom GL1800                    Tim Loader


Best outfit                                     David Partridge (1995 GL1500)


Best trike                                        Graham Anderson (GL1800 CSC)


Best GoldWing and Trailer

          Mark Johannesen              2001 GL1800 + Shadow trailer


Best non-GoldWing

          Les Sorenson                       1997 Honda Valkyrie


Best in Show (Special trophy from Central West Chapter)


          Graham Anderson              (2004 GL1800 CSC trike)


Long distance male rider

          Peter Dew                            Pasadena SA                        2230km


Long distance male rider over 60

Robert Laing                        Walpole WA                         4796km


Long distance female rider

          Zoe Swan                              Muswellbrook NSW            1065km


Long distance female rider over 60

          Robyn Strong                      Young NSW                          1298km


Long distance pillion

          Gail Laing                              Walpole WA                         4796km


Peoples Choice

1st      David Partridge        (1995 GL1500 outfit)


2nd     Tim Loader                 (2012 GL1800 custom)


Best light display

1st      Marty Woodward    (2012 GL1800)


2nd     Ray Simon                  (1993 GL1500 Motor Trike)


Hard Luck awards

          1st and 2nd tie     Morag Keel broken hand

                                      Colin Strong loss of power whilst overtaking


Best Chapter Attendance

          Original Brisbane Chapter 19 members